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Sunday, February 03, 2008
♥ 12:03 AM

I've moved.

I've decided to remove the link to my new blog addie, please tag if you want it. Thanks! (:

Friday, January 25, 2008
♥ 9:57 PM

So, I finally turned 22 yesterday. Had a quiet and mini celebration this year with two of my darlings. Just want to say a big thank you to Ros and the darl for making my 22nd birthday so enjoyable. Really enjoyed the dinner yesterday and appreciated all the trouble darling went to to ensure that I had a special birthday. (((:

Thanks so much for the dinner treat! That was a really sweet thing to do!

And of course my darling who put so much effort into planning the programme for the whole day.
*iheartyousomuch. Thank you for making me such a lucky girl. (:

Yep, that'll be all for now. Till then again, tata~

Tuesday, January 22, 2008
♥ 12:58 AM


Another of my friend who passed the 22nd mark. I swear, once you passed your 21st birthday, you seem to age very fast - the years just fly by, and before you know it, you'll be celebrating your 30th birthday. =/ Definitely not relishing the idea of that.

And I feel old already, with about two more days until my own birthday. Sighs. I don't know - as I grow older, I find myself clutching on blindly to things that'll remind me I'm still young. BUT. It'll only be a matter of time before you outgrow these very same things. Short skirts. Cutesy tops. Of course, these are just material things on the outside. Inwardly, you can no longer act like a child, and so much more is expected of you, a supposed mature adult.

And I dread to think of the day when that horrible thing called responsibility will weigh on your shoulders with no one to share the burden with any more. ):

Thursday, January 17, 2008
♥ 12:14 AM



Tuesday, January 15, 2008
♥ 5:58 PM

I realised I've been sitting in front of the com for a straight 6 hours already. I've no idea what's so fascinating on the Internet that always keeps me online for such a long time. Nothing, actually. So I'm kind of puzzled when at the end of the day, I found that I've accomplished nothing but rotted for the whole day. A loss of self-control and self-discipline more like it.

And I'm seriously sick of pretending to be nice to people. People who pretend to be your friend, and who poke their noses into wherever they don't belong. If you want to know something, ask me straight. Don't go beating around the bushes and asking so many other people. And if I'm in a good mood, I just might answer. Although I'm definitely NOT obliged to. If I don't want to tell you, there must be a reason, so I really wish these very people will just mind their own business and stop acting so pathetic.

Alrightey, I'm in a bitchy mood, and some people really darn deserve it. Roars.

♥ 4:09 PM

School started yesterday and it felt good to be studying again, and this feeling is further intensified with the knowledge that this'll be the last semester I'll be spending there. I've mixed feelings about my impending graduation - most other people I know aren't going on to their fourth year as well, and I thought that's a pity. Or maybe that's spoken from the viewpoint that I can't exactly qualify for honours and that they do, and yet are giving up this chance. Ohwells. I guess I've been through this issue many times already, so this'll probably be the last time I'm going to mention it.

Anyways. I finally got my lazy ass around to uploading the Japan photos. Mind you, these are just the tip of the iceberg, but if you want to look at the rest of them, they're on my FB. Yep.

Ros and XW sending me off at the airport, and transit at Bangkok.

First day in Hiroshima, Japan. We walked non-stop. Visited the Atomic Bomb Memorial Park. Sombering indeed.

Visit to Yamato Museum (of Science and Technology). A very interesting place. And very yummy okonomiyaki for lunch. =D

Visit to the Mazda Museum. We also got to watched their assembly process. Cool.

Discussion with the students of Hiroshima City University. I love their campus!

Oyster factory and Miyajima - Hiroshima's known for its oysters. I lovelovelove Miyajima. A very pretty and tranquil place.

A whole weekend spent with my host family. Their little boy is too adorable for words. (((:

Day 1 in Osaka. Visited Osaka Castle and the day which I fell sick as well. =/ We also ate yummy takoyaki!

Went to Shinzaibashi for some shopping.

Kinkakuji in Kyoto. This temple is made of real gold - truly spectacular.

Rinku Premium Outlets - my most favourite place in Osaka! Spent close to 10000yen (SGD130) here. This place houses all the American brands selling at discounted prices. Woots.

Mount Fuji and Tokyo Disneyland!

And again!

Tokyo Tower - I've been dreaming about coming to this place since like 5 years ago? A dream come true! And so very pretty at night.

Akihabara, Harajuku and Shibuya. More shopping! =DDD

Last day in Japan at Narita Airport. Can't wait to go back there again!

Yep, guess that'll be all for now. Till then again, tata~

Monday, January 14, 2008
♥ 12:49 AM

A brand new year hoping for a brand new start to everything. I'm going to do away with the reminiscence (don't we all do that every year at the start of a new year? -.-) and resolutions since they're almost always broken anyways.

I'm seriously feeling too lazy to blog, and I'm not exactly ready for the start of school yet - how I wish I've a few more weeks before having to attend lectures and tutorials again, more time to hang out with the toots, and more money so I can go back to Japan again. And speaking of that, the mere thought of uploading all the photos literally makes my heart sink. Haha. =p Ohwells. I'll get around to that eventually. When I can no longer find any excuse to put it off any longer. Heh.

And by the way. Happy 2008 peeps. May everyone have a fruitful year ahead. (:

Thursday, December 27, 2007
♥ 12:15 PM

Got back from Japan on Christmas day itself. Had a lot of fun over there, albeit some shitty things that happened. Tons of photos to upload as well, but I'm feeling lazy in the meantime. And coming down with fever one day after touching down in Singapore isn't helping either.

Oh wells. Will blog more about my trip when I'm in the mood. Merry belated Christmas everyone! Till then, tata~ =DD

Sunday, December 09, 2007
♥ 2:42 AM

This would most probably be the last post before I return from Japan, unless I manage to access a computer over there.

Anyway, have a very merry Christmas in advance and I think the rest can wait until after I come back.

Yep, enjoy your hols everyone! (:

Monday, December 03, 2007
♥ 7:43 PM

I've always thought that I've gotten over the previous relationship (and I think I have, really), but once again, I'm reminded of how cynical I've become. And realising the extent of it was like a slap in the face.

I was chatting with toots and the brutal honesty with which I spoke to him was all too real a manifestation of my cynicality. Maybe certain things have always been eating me up and chipping away at that love for life which everyone should have.

I don't know....I always thought I was speaking with the voice of experience, of being 'smarter' enough this time to not make the same mistakes twice. But maybe I was afraid I'll end up getting hurt again.

But is it a crime to be cynical?

Maybe it is when it...
...hurts someone.
...destroys your self-confidence.
...makes you go around with a doomed-to-fail mentality.

Looks like....I've really become that cynical after all.

♥ 2:26 PM

Although I'd very much like to declare with this post that my exams are over, that is sadly not the case. OMG my papers don't end until this coming Friday, and that's still so frigging far away! -_- And Japan's the only thing that's keeping me going, that light at the far end of the tunnel. True, I've gotten more time to revise than other people, but this misery has been dragged out for far too long already! Not to mention that I'm perpetually in holiday mood even before my first paper was over. Kuakuakua.

And recently, the news of the dragon-boat tragedy affected me again. I'm not sure why, but once again I felt so terribly shocked and upset for all those who lost their lives. It just demonstrates the fragility and unpredictability of life yet again, doesn't it? So sometimes, instead of thinking so much about stuff, maybe we should just do whatever we want to and live with no regrets. Who knows, things like this may happen anytime and by then, it'll be too late.

Yep, I should probably force myself to hit the books again. But argh, I so-don't-want-to! >.< Till then again tata~

Wednesday, November 21, 2007
♥ 2:30 AM

Was feeling supremely stressed out, pissed off etc (insert negative emotions here) about the Japan trip and certain people in general just now.

I think I expect too much from people sometimes. Maybe I've pitched myself on such a moral high ground that I can't tolerate even the smallest of incompetence. Not to say that I'm perfect, just that I have too high an expectation for a lot of things and people. And when they fall short (more often than not through no fault of their own), I'll feel so disappointed. Oh well.

I guess everythings's a matter of perception, isn't it? Well, that's it for now. Ciao.